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Sound Tapestry

Nature Collection

Ravenswood Productions has designed CDs using sounds from its Library of Nature Sounds described below. You can purchase our Pre-made nature CDs or you can also Design your own nature CD using some of these unique sounds. A few of these soundscapes are available as digital downloads.

Library of Nature Sounds

These superb recordings, made by Neal Ewers, use some very original recording techniques in an attempt to reproduce exactly what the listener might hear in each of the sound environments described below. Because Neal cannot see, he has had to develop his sense of hearing in a way that lends a certain magic to these recorded sounds. "I don't want people just to listen, I want them to actually become a part of the experience just as if they were there." We believe these marvelous recordings, which make up our Library of Nature Sounds, do exactly that.

As Neal explains, "The first three selections in this Library were recorded quasi-binaurally with microphones mounted on the sides of my head near my ears. The effect is to allow the listener to hear the sounds with amazingly accurate stereo clarity."

Samples and descriptions of these soundscapes are available in MP3 format from the list below. The full running time for each is approximately 20 minutes.

ABOUT DIGITAL DOWNLOADS: Items marked for digital download may be purchased online and downloaded immediately. Each file has a running time of approximately 20 minutes. Digital downloads are $6 each and must be paid for through Paypal (you need not have a Paypal account). Once payment is completed you will receive a receipt that includes a download link for each file ordered.

This is one of those quiet, evening storms in which the gentle rain and quiet thunder seem destined to lull you to sleep as you listen. The rain alternates between light and moderate, and the thunder is distant and therefore blends with the rain in a way that causes the two elements to seem as one. Recorded in Madison, Wisconsin. Digital download, $1.99 (20:00).

The recording of this gently cascading water captures the quiet complexity of the stream as it flows over various sizes of rocks. There is a single point directly in front of the listener where the individual tiny droplets can be heard as they sparkle over small stones in their path. The right and left ears also hear a fuller, but still quiet gentle cascade of water over larger rocks. Recorded at Parfrey's Glen near Baraboo, Wisconsin. Digital download, $1.99 (19:30).

This quiet synthesis of water and bird sounds was recorded at a spot along the bank where numerous trees arched gracefully over the stream. The morning song birds are high enough in the trees to be heard only as a distant accompaniment to the laughing water. Recorded at Parfrey's Glen near Baraboo, Wisconsin.Digital download, $1.99 (20:00).

This gentle journey was recorded at four very different sounding points along the stream. The recordings were then melded, one into another, as if the listener were being carried on a slow, quiet journey through the forest. Recorded in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan near Munising.

These springtime bird songs were recorded on a cool spring morning. The stereo separation is quite unusual as birds from the right seem to sing a duet with those farther away on the left. Bees can occasionally be heard in the distance as they fly among the flowers. Recorded in Arena, Wisconsin. Digital download, $1.99 (19:50).

The gently lapping waves sound almost as if you are in their midst. Quiet crickets can be heard in the distance, and occasionally the tall grasses along the shore rustle against each other as they are moved by the light breeze. A truly peaceful sound. Recorded at Indian Lake near Madison, Wisconsin. Digital download, $1.99 (20:00).

The giant ocean sounding waves in this recording crash against the shore and against each other in a cacophony of confusion. The listener can actually tell which way the waves are moving and can hear them either come together in a mighty crash or dash themselves against the shore. Recorded in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan near Au Train Bay. Digital download, $1.99, (20:00).

The almost constant noise of the waves in this recording is truly powerful. The only thing that occasionally breaks their sound and their progress is a break-wall about 30 feet to the right. Again and again, the waves crash into the wall and double back on themselves in an amazing swell of ocean-like sound. Recorded in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan near Marquette.

This recording was made on a day when the wind and the waves were somewhat brisk but not heavy. There is no noticeable rhythm to the waves. They come ashore in a confused but reasonably subdued lake or ocean sound at a moderate volume level. Recorded in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan near Shelter Bay.

On this day, the might of Lake Superior was nowhere to be heard. The wind and waves were both very gentle. The waves seem to play in a subdued manner providing the listener a quiet, relaxing lake or ocean experience. Recorded on the north shore of Lake Superior near Hoveland, Minnesota. Digital download, $1.99, (19:40).

Pre-made NatureCDs

The following CDs are currently available using sounds from our Library of Nature Sounds.

Quiet Waters
Track 1: A Quiet Evening Thunderstorm (Library sound 1)
Track 2:Stream with Birds (Library sounds 2 and 3)
Track 3: Quiet Lake and Rustling Tall Grasses (Library sound 6)
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Three Moods of Lake Superior
Track 1: Mighty Lake Superior (Library sound 7)
Track 2: Moderate Lake Superior 2 (Library sound 9)
Track 3: Quiet Lake Superior (Library sound 10)
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Design your own nature CD

Using from one to three of the sounds listed in the Sound library, design your own nature CD to capture a special feeling or create a certain mood. You can specify whether you want spaces between the tracks or whether you would like to have them faded gently into one another. In both cases, track marks for each new sound will be placed on the CD for easy navigation to the individual sounds.

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