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Audio Recording Services

With 25 years of experience in the recording business (formally known as Dolphin Recording Company) we specialize in on-location recording of performances and recording sessions by orchestras, choirs, chamber groups, soloists, etc. Our forte is to make recordings that sound as real on CD as they do in the concert hall. We also record poetry readings, lectures, etc.

What You Get

  • Some of the best ears in the business. Neal Ewers, director of Ravenswood Productions, is a master at microphone technique and placement. Whether in a concert or a recording session, people who hear the CD will feel like they are right there in the performance space with you.
  • When live concerts have been recorded, we edit the Cd with track marks between selections or wherever the artist wants them. We can also remove long periods of silence from the recording and make other adjustments in the post-production process.
  • During recording sessions (where there is no audience) the artists can hear any selection that has been recorded. Often, mistakes can be corrected, back in the studio in the editing process, without the need for the artists to repeat the entire selection during the session.
  • A sophisticated post-production process which is able to remove many extraneous noises, such as ventilators, from concerts and recording sessions. We also have some ability to change the volume of certain sounds relative to others after the recording has been made. In recording sessions, we have the ability to insert parts of other takes where needed to correct mistakes made in the recording session.
  • When the studio editing of a concert or a recording session has been completed, a CD of the session is then produced and sent to the artists for review. The artist can either sign off on the product at this point or ask for additional editing. In the case of recording sessions, the artist can ask for additional sessions to change or correct any errors that cannot be made based on the original session. After final signoff by the artist, production can begin.

Production of the final product

Depending on what the artist wants:

  • A CD of the concert performance or recording session can be given to the artists for duplication with their own equipment.
  • We can make as many CD-R copies of the session or performance as needed.
  • We can recommend sources for having the master CD-R converted to the standard format used by companies who record for major artists.

Professional equipment

Ravenswood uses the best microphones money can buy: Schoeps, Neumann, Danish Pro Audio, AKG, etc. These work in tandem with what is arguably the best digital recorder on the market.

Email for on-location and in-studio mastering rates.

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