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Many of these essays describe turning points in my life as a totally blind child growing up in rural Virginia. These experiences helped me realize that while I couldn't see with my eyes, I could still "see" in my own way. Other essays are drawn from similar experiences in my adult life.

  • "The World Behind my Eyes" is an introduction to some of the experiences that helped to mold my thoughts and feelings about being blind.
  • "Only the Tree Can Say" is a story about my first experience with the death of a family member. I was introduced to a very special tree in my Grandfather’s life that he wanted to have me climb. I didn't know it then, but it was his way of passing it on to me before he left us.
  • "In the Well" is a story about an old well that completely intrigued me, although it meant nothing to my sighted playmates. Before my father covered it up, he lowered me down into it on a rope so I could "see" it with my other senses.
  • "Child's Play" is about a game my grandparents and I used to play with a rubber ball. They played it with their eyes closed in order to understand the things I "saw" as I played.
  • "A Christmas Miracle" is a story about a very special Christmas when I, for the first time, figured out that I could "see" using my other senses.
  • "Who Among Us is Disabled?" is a recent article that describes my attempt to get around my house in a wheel chair. The essay makes the point that we all depend on each other for things we alone may not be able to do.

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